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Trauma Care


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Trauma Care has been created for anyone who has suffered Trauma of any kind whether it be a Trauma to the Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotions or even a Trauma to your Energy Field (Aura). The Attunement that is given will provide you with the right to activate a Trauma Care Session. You don’t need to even think of a particular Trauma that has happened for this in itself will create an adverse Emotional Trauma to re-establish itself. Your Trauma Care Team will automatically know exactly the right experience to work on for you. If you have been especially troubled by a Memory, there are Energy Functions to asssit you within the Trauma Care Energy System. Some people’s time line of event and life can get mixed up to the point where you might feel like you are living in the past which is due to the Traumatic Experience. This is where the “Time Line Repair Shakti” will assisst you in repairing your Time Line so that the past experiences can remain in the past where they belong.

You will also learn about the “New Identity Integration” Function which is to be used so that you can integrate the Healing into your personal Identity so that it will work to reveal a new sense of Identity. This is especially beneficial if you are working with this system to heal wounds of Abuse whether it be Physical or Emotional. Another Function within the Trauma Care system is that of the “Health Restoration Shakti”. The Health Restoration Shakti is an Eternal Divine Healing of Feminine Intelligence which arrives to restore Health and Well-being to Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit.

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