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  1. Entertainment Purposes:
    • All items sold on and the information provided are for entertainment purposes.
    • Customers must be OVER 18 years old to purchase from this website.
  2. Complementary Nature of Products:
    • Reiki and other systems on this website are complimentary and work in conjunction with Western Medicine.
    • They should not replace licensed medical practitioners.
    • If you have any medical, emotional, or psychological issues, consult a licensed medical professional.
  3. Medical Disclaimer:
    • We do not diagnose conditions, prescribe medication, or interfere with medical treatment.
    • Do not stop prescribed medication without consulting your Doctor.
    • We do not accept responsibility if self-treatment using information from this website leads to adverse effects.
  4. Information Accuracy:
    • Information on this website is for entertainment and informational purposes only.
    • is not responsible for actions taken based on this information.
  5. Reiki/Energy Work/Healing:
    • No guarantee of healing or specific results.
    • Products and services are tools that may aid in the healing process.
    • Purchases are for interest purposes only, with no guaranteed results.
  6. Sales and Refunds:
    • ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No refunds are applicable.
    • Digital downloads and energetic chi balls are provided upon purchase.
  7. Currency and Language:
    • All attunements are priced in Australian Dollars ($).
    • Payment can be made from any country or currency, with automatic currency conversion by PayPal or Stripe.
    • Most Manuals are in English.
  8. Attunement Process:
    • Information provided during purchase is used for sending digital download links and carrying out attunements.
    • Customer instructions regarding attunement details are honored.
  9. Operating Hours:
    • operates on Australian time, Tuesday–Friday 9-4:00 pm and Saturday 10-3 pm (excluding holidays).
    • Responses to emails and purchases within 24-48 hours, excluding weekends.


  1. Website Operator:
    • is operated by Rishi Rohit Sharma.
  2. Acceptance of Terms:
    • By visiting or purchasing from the site, users agree to the Terms of Service.
    • Terms apply to all users, including browsers, vendors, customers, and contributors.
  3. Changes to Terms:
    • Terms of Service may be updated at any time without notice.
    • Users are responsible for checking for changes.
  4. Online Store Terms:
    • Users must be at least the age of majority, with a minimum age of 18.
    • Products/services must not be used for illegal purposes.
  5. General Conditions:
    • Right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.
    • Content may be transferred unencrypted over various networks.
  6. Accuracy of Information:
    • Information on the site may not be accurate, complete, or current.
    • Users should rely on primary sources for important decisions.
  7. Modifications to Service and Prices:
    • Prices are subject to change without notice.
    • Right to modify or discontinue the Service without notice.


  1. Loyalty Program:
    • Earn discounts on future purchases through the Loyalty Program.
    • Credits earned for attunements purchased with a Credit Card only.
  2. Payment Methods:
    • Payments accepted via PayPal and Stripe.
    • ApplePay integration in progress.
  3. Manuals and Attunements Delivery:
    • Manuals delivered through automated download links.
    • Manuals valid for 30 days. Email for manual in another language.
  4. Email Response Time:
    • Responses within 24-48 hours (Tuesday–Friday).
    • Emails sent late Saturday, Sunday, or Monday handled the following Tuesday.


  1. Refund and Exchange Policy:
    • Refunds and exchanges not offered for online spiritual teaching.
    • Consumer Rights Act applies to faulty download links.
  2. Distant Attunements:
    • Sent using the White Light / Chi Ball / Orb of Om /Orb of Life method or at an appointed time.
    • Not offered via Skype or Live One to One.
    • Attunements scheduled with a minimum 24-hour gap.
  3. Re-attunements and Certificates:
    • Re-attunements incur a 25% fee.
    • Certificates sent upon request after assimilation of energies and reviews.
  4. Correspondence and Support:
    • Full email support provided.
    • No online video or telephone correspondence.
  5. Student Files and Records:
    • Students responsible for tracking attunements.
    • Academy deletes information after attunements are given.


  1. Tarot Reading Disclaimer:
    • Tarot readings for entertainment purposes only.
    • Users responsible for life choices and decisions.
    • Refusal to perform readings if not in the user’s best interest.


  1. Healing Services and Refunds:
    • Full refund within 24 hours; 50% refund within the first day.
    • No refunds for sessions already started or after several weeks.


  1. Data Collection and Usage:
    • Personal and non-personal information collected for service provision.
    • Stored securely and not shared with third parties.
  2. Communication with Visitors:
    • Contact for account-related issues, disputes, and updates.
    • Communication through email and newsletters.
  3. Right to be Forgotten:
    • Users can request the removal of their details from the Academy.
    • Compliance with data protection regulations.
  4. Legal Disclaimer:
    • All items sold as CURIO for entertainment purposes.
    • Agreement to indemnify against liabilities arising from purchases.
  5. Cookie Collection Policy:
    • Commitment to safeguard privacy.
    • Collection of information for transaction purposes.
    • Compliance with GDPR.


By accessing, users agree to the outlined terms and conditions, acknowledging the entertainment nature of products and services. The privacy policy assures users of data security and compliance with regulations. Users are encouraged to review the terms regularly, as updates may occur.

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