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The Wheel of Love TM


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The Wheel of Love TM is a new form of energy healing that Nicole channelled with the purpose of bringing individualised balance to the initiate. The energy was developed to help each person who chooses to work with these energies the time to regain a balanced lifestyle. If you stop and look at your life to imagine it as a Wheel that has many spokes in it, each section of the Wheel represents parts of your Personal life. The attunements for each level will affect each person in a different way, as everyone’s vibrational level is different, so needless to say the experiences will be different for each person as well. The Wheel of Love offers a balanced way of working with these energies and offers healing as well. There are four separate attunements for the Wheel of Love, Intimacy, Spirituality, Domestic Responsibilities and Socialisation. 

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