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The Spell Clearing Empowerment


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The Spell Clearing Empowerment has been channeled due to repeated calls from students who would like to work with a system that has been designed to clear negative energies, black magic and spells. Although I have a system called “The Spirit Release Healing Method” many students do not feel called to train as a Spirit Release Minister so I have worked hard to bring forth this new channeled healing system that works with a similar energy but is easier to work with and doesn’t contain the religious connotations that the Spirit Release Healing Method has. This simple to use distant attunement works to remove all forms of harmful magic, spells and curses that have been directed towards an individual so their energies can be restored back to their optimum level of spiritual alignment. The attunement also works to stop all further magical work or spells from being able to penetrate the auric field and chakras of the individual who activates the energies to flow through them.

Finally, this system is very similar to the Spell Reversal & Imprint Removal attunement but simply focuses on the removal of energetic spells, hexes and curses. If you are anting to work with all forms of spell reversal then I highly recommend that you purchase both attunements to give your healing work a much-needed boost of positive energy.

You will learn about the following and much more:

* Stopping and Removaing Harmful Spells and Magic.

* Signs of Black Magic and Spell Work.

* Nightmares.

* Dreams and Black Magic.

* Mood Swings and Feeling Nervous.

* Electric/Electronic Issues.

* Bugs and Insects.

Bad Luck and Misfortune.

* Health Issues.

* A Protection Ritual with Saint Michael.

* Shielding and Preventing Further Negative Energies.

* Etheric Crystalline Encodings.

* Protective Crystals.

* How to use the Etheric Crystalline Encoded Crystals.

* How to Create an Etheric Crystalline Orb for Protection.

* Psychic Attack Protection Techniques.

* Smudging and How to Make a Smudge Stick.

* Spell Clearing Energy Functions.

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