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The Scarab Activation


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The Scarab Activation has been channeled to give you a direct energetic connection with the Egyptian Energy Force of the Scarab. This is not an attunement to the insect, but to the subtle, yet powerful force of life affirming energy beyond any earthly symbolic representation. The energy of the Scarab is 2-fold. 1st is the powerful grounding foundation which works to align you with the inner strength of this ancient energetic stream. This is then followed by the Winged Scarab, this literally gives ethereal wings with which you can use to spiritualy fly above all challenges that arise within your life. The first part is protective and grounding, the second is freeing and powerful leading to a step-up to another level of connection with this ancient energy stream. This energy is not a healing system of itself, but is instead an energetic force with which to add to your existing Light-Worker abilities and in so doing elevate your latent abilities. This attunement elevates the ability to work with other Egyptian healing systems, acting as a boost to higher vibrational areas of light working. 

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