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The Robin Flush Empowerment


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The Songful Robin Totem is a herald of the Spring Season, a time of New Life and Colourful Beauty. They are also one of the first creatures to emerge after the coldness of Winter. The Robin quite simply symbolises the return of Warmth and Vitality. With its Joyful Song, Robins announce a time to Celebrate the Vibrancy and Blooms of Flowers, Hatching Eggs and the return of the Warmth of the Sun. This signifies the time to wake up from the long, cold Winter so you can become alert as well as getting back out into the World around you. Figuratively, the Robin Spirit’s presence in the Spring symbolises the Re-Awakening of your Sleeping Awareness. It teaches you that you must get back in tune with your Intuitive Nature. You must begin the process of walking down your chosen path with Energy and Fervour. Through Singing, the Robin Totem speaks to you directly of the Bright and Positive Road ahead in this new Season or Chapter of your life. It tells you to forget the Greyness, Dullness or Negativity that has been plaguing your lives and to fully embrace the coming days of Sunlight. You need not be afraid of these New Beginnings, you must celebrate them and welcome them into your life with open arms.

The Associated Traits of the Robin which will assist you on your Spiritual Path are:

* Warmth.

* Vitality.

* Joy.

* Happiness.

* New Beginnings.

* Hope

* Rejuvenation.

* Grace.

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