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The Rainbow LightBody Flush Empowerment


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This set of advanced empowerments have been created for students who wish to work with the Rainbow LightBody energies but do not want to receive the original Rainbow Light Healing System Level 6 attunement that also incorporates the Rainbow LightBody energies. If you have been attuned to the Rainbow Light Series there is no need for you to take this activation but if you do feel guided to work with the energies, it will act as a booster to your existing healing abilities and process of spiritual ascension.

The Rainbow LightBody Flush empowerments are a set of highly advanced and finely tuned clearing and activation tools that have been designed to assist in the development of your Mer Ka Bah and Light Body. Each etheric essence in this attunement has been channeled through a unique process that includes the use of grid layouts that consist of etheric crystals which have been programmed with light body information by the Orion’s at the fall of Atlantis, together with channeled rays of energy from the Ascended Masters. The result is a set of 10 etheric essences that provide exactly the support that you need now as you seek to assimilate higher and more advanced frequencies of light into your energetic systems and consciousness. Mer Ka Ba means Light, Spirit and Body and is a term that is used to describe the results of the fusion of these 3 divine elements that occur naturally when the frequency of the physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies resonate fully with the aspects of Love and Light.

Within this attunement you will receive the attunements to the following activations:

1} The Etheric Body Empowerment

2} The Emotional Body Empowerment

3} The Mental Body Empowerment

4} The Casual Body Empowerment

5} The Earth Star Empowerment

6} The Soul Star Empowerment

7} The Hara Empowerment

8} The Thymus Point Empowerment

9} The I AM Presence Empowerment

10} The Mer-Ka-Bah Empowerment

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