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The Mysteries of Hanuman


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Hanuman is one of the most popular deities of Hinduism where he played a vital role in the incarnation of Lord Rama, therefore proving himself as his greatest devotee. He is variously described as an incarnation of Indra, Vayu and Shiva. People from all walks of life worship him and admired him for his strength, humility and valour. As a devotee of Lord Rama, he became very popular for his devotion and qualities. Like Ganesh, he commands respect and veneration from children, adults and elders alike. Anyone who is familiar with the Ramayana, cannot but appreciate his divine nature and super human personality, shaped by the strength of celibacy, humility, selflessness, unsurpassed devotion, determination, fearlessness and an extraordinary commitment to work for the divine. People believe that he is very much active on earth even today meaning that people still pray to him for courage and confidence, freedom from sorrow and for protection against evil spirits and bad luck. These are qualities that Hanuman still brings to those who call upon him in the modern age. Hanuman is especially powerful at removing evil forces because of his intense purity and devotion all evil is fearful to appear anywhere near him whether this be an image or statue of Hanuman is speaking his name {voice vibration}. These are the qualities that Hanuman will bring to you when you choose to receive this attunement. Through your heart-felt intention and a strong desire to connect with him on an energetic level, you will gain the ability to use his energies for healing and spiritual progression.

The Mysteries of Hanuman Spiritual Empowerment will help you with the following plus much more:

* If you have problems in your marriage or with a partner, asking Hanuman for help to overcome the issues will bring profound healing to the situation. Lord Hanuman is also a guru or teacher. So he is a solution to all problems in someone’s life.

* If you feel that you are entangled with problems in your career or family life and you feel that you are unable to get out of the situation, Lord Hanuman will bring forth blessings for a quick and speedy recovery from all situations.

* If you have any long-standing health problems, Lord Hanuman and his prayer will bring relief and at times spontaneous healing.

* For individuals who have experienced mental or psychological problems {depression, anxiety, fear, paranoia etc}, chanting the Hanuman Chalisa will bring forth intense healing.

* Hanuman prayers also help one overcome bad habits like corruption, adultery, laziness, fickle-mindedness, procrastination etc. It brings in a confident and stable mind.

* If you are lagging behind in education or are finding it difficult to study for exams, Lord Hanuman will help by bringing beneficial results.

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