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The Magical Talisman Empowerment


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The Magickal Talisman Empowerment was channeled to give you the abilityt o create Etheric Talisman’s through the hidden wisdom that is contained within each one. Creating a Talisman through the Etheric Realms is also said to be much more powerful than a Physical item plus they can also be used for any situation and/or event. A Talisman is a Spiritual Tool that is imbued with the Energies of Magic Intention. It can be a special object that is made especially for Protection, Prosperity or it can be an everyday Etheric Object that has been prepared especially for someone to serve a purpose. Most Talismans are however made from Protection. Each Talisman will work when it is placed into the Chakra, Aura or Environment by the person they were made for. Talismans can also be made from Precious Stones that are inscribed with Symbols like Runes, Herbs or they can now be created through the Ethers by using this highly effective Attunement. 

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