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The Gryphons Lair


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This is one of those systems that I would not normally offer through the Academy but I have been contacted by many students who have all asked me if I could offer the attunements written by the International Lightworkers Community. I will never say no to students if they are called to work with a specific energy so here we have the first in a line of LW attunements called The Gryphons Lair.

Gryphons will often connect themselves to peple who are practical and realistic. One can convince them only of ideas which are logical because they are rooted in their principles. They are good problem solvers and they will not have anything against progress but are adverse to seek change for themselves. Grphon type people are secure/peaceful and they will dedicate themselves to their studies or just enjoy the natural pleasures of life. The ultimate driving force behind activities of the Gryphon are always humanitarian. These people are often artistically talented. Gryphons however have a dark side but these are needed to balance out the light. The dark side of Gryphon types become irrational and sometimes unresonable. They worry needlessly about theft and loss. They have a tendency to become paranoid. They will obsess about health issues to the point of being labelled as hypochondria. In spite of their joyfulness there will sometimes be a lack of self confidence. In it in these situations where the energies of the Gryphon are needed to bring balance and healing to Mind, Body and Spirit.

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