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The God/Goddess Initiations Divinity in Hinduism


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This set of initiations has been channelled over the course of several months. I wanted to work with each deity connection for a set period before I felt that it was the right time to start offering them to others. This new set of sacred initiations to the Gods and Goddess’s of the Hindu faith has been developed to bring forth a deeper sense of spiritual awareness and self-development with the etheric energies of the Divine. Through working with the energies of the Gods and Goddess’s and calling on them to walk with you on your spiritual path, they will work as special protectors and guardians over specific areas of your life. These areas can include anything important to you. The Gods and Goddesses are often chosen today because an interest, talent, or event within their lives overlaps with the special area or situation that has arisen in your life. A God and/or Goddess can help you when you follow the example of that deity’s life and when you ask for their intercession to bless you on your spiritual and life’s path Each of the Gods and Goddess’s within this manual will help you with different areas of your life.

Some of the Gods and Goddesses that you will learn about include:

* Shani Bhagwan

* Brahma

* Durga

* Rama

* Kali and many more

Within the 56 page manual, you will learn about the following and much more:

* The Millions of Gods & Goddess of Hinduism

* The Lifespan of the Gods & Goddess

* Yoga and Hindu Gods & Goddess Inspired Practice

* God/Goddess Information {Yoga Poses & Mantra/Prayer/Chants}

* 11 Gods and Goddesses / Yoga Poses / Mantras / History & Attributes

* Self Attuning to Gods and goddesses

* The Benefits of Connecting with The Gods and Goddesses

* How to Start Working With a God and Goddess of Hinduism

* Communication: Prayer, Signs and More

* Divination & Dreams

* Offerings and Gifts for the Gods and Goddesses

* How to Create a Home Alter

* Offerings for the Home Alter and Much More

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