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The Etheric Solfeggio Activation Package – Intuitive Healing & Love Expansion


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The Etheric Solfeggio Activation Package is a mixture of attunements that were channelled by Jay Burrell and Amanda Hadley. The attunements by Amanda are some of the most profound and pure energies that I have ever worked with so it is an honour to be able to share her newly channeled energies with you.

Vibration is everything and every vibration has its unique frequency. By exposing the mind, body and spirit to the Solfeggio frequencies, you can easily achieve a greater sense of balance and inner healing. The Solfeggio frequencies align you with the rhythms and tones that form the basis of the Universe. Long associated with meditation music the Solfeggio frequencies are reputed to be the original frequencies used by the Gregorian Monks when they chanted during their daily meditations. The chant, based on the original six notes 396Hz, 417Hz, 528Hz, 639Hz, 741Hz, 852Hz, penetrate deep into the conscious and subconscious mind, drawing forth emotional reactions which we are sometimes unable to completely control. These original frequencies are said to have been lost over the centuries with the introduction of various new tuning methods.

Through the attunements within this package, you will be attuned to the frequencies of 396Hz, 417Hz, 528Hz, 639Hz, 741Hz, and 852Hz. I can hear some of you asking why would you want or need to attune to these vibrations via 2 separate initiations. The one thing to remember is that the Solfeggio Activations are open-ended. This means that there is no right or wrong message in how they will work with you or what they will help with. I have found through using the tones via my own system and those of Amanda, that the Solfeggio Activations have given me more than I have found in any of the manuals. It really is only through working with them that you will find what they will bring to you.

Within this package, you will be attuned to the following frequencies {each having its own manual}

* The Etheric Solfeggio Activations

* Etheric 936hz Complete Oneness Vibration

* Etheric 396hz Awakening Frequency Vibration

* Etheric 417hz Positive Energy Vibration

* Etheric 528hz Love Frequency Vibration

* Etheric 639hz Heart Healing Vibration

* Etheric 741hz Self Expression Vibration

* Etheric 852hz Intuition Expansion Vibration

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