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Star Energetic Charger


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The energies of Star Energetic Charger works to balance and support the Lower Chakras while providing you with a sense and feeling of Stability within your life. The vibration of this energy aids you to feel a Stronger sense of Support and a Connection with Mother Earth. Star Energetic Charge has an excellent vibration for allowing you to feel more Grounded, Present and Centered. It may also aid you to be more Patient and to be more Content about your Life. It may relieve Anger and resentment as well as helping you to relieve Stress or other Negative Emotional Feelings. Star Energetic Charger will clear out the Auric Field of Disharmony then balance the Chakras. The energy of this system may bring your Vibration to a Higher Point, in preperation for making contact with Spirit. When it has succeeded in raising your Vibration then the energy will flow through to energise your Physical Body. 

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