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Sleep Care


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* Do you struggle to fall asleep at night?

* Do you wake up in the night and are unable to go back to sleep?

* Do you find it difficult to ‘switch off’ at night?

* Do you suffer from Nightmares, Terrors or Sleep Paralysis?

* Are Spiritual Upgrades, Energy Shifts, Moon Cycles disturbing you Sleep Patterns?

* Do you feel Tired, Irritable or Anxious during the day?

* Do you struggle to Concentrate at work becasue you are so tired?

We will all at one time or another suffer from sleep disturbances. Sometimes this may be limited to a single night, while for others it can become an ongoing battle leading to Sleep Deprivation, Anxiety and Irritability. In extreame cases it can have a serious impact on your Health and Wellbeing.

The most common causes for Insomnia are:

* Stress, Anxiety or Depression.

* External Noise.

* A Room that is too Hot or too Cold.

* Uncomfortable Beds.

* Alcohol, Caffeine or Nicotine.

* Recreational Drugs.

* Jet Lag.

* Shift Work.

* Mental Health Conditions.

* Restless Leg Syndrome.

* Thyroid Problems.

* Snoring.

* Sleep Apnoea.

* Nightmares or Night Terrors.

Many of these can be ruled out quite easily by creating a relaxing Bedtime routine for yourself and by paying close attention to your Diet and Lifestyle. Some things however cannot be easily remedied such as Pain and other Health Issues. This is where Sleep Care can help.

This new Distant Attunement seeks to address these elements by utalising the following Rays of Energy to work with 5 Key Areas.

* Lepidiolite Deep Sleep Relaxation for the Mental and Emotional System.

* Jade Deep Relaxation Body Care to help Calm and Relax the Physical Body.

* Moonstone Medication Side Effect Flush to release any Negative Effects of any Medication that you are taking which may be preventing you from sleeping.

* Amethyst Ultimate Sleep Care Auric Field Protection to prevent Negative Energy Attacks.

* Rose Quartz Baby/Child Sleep Care which is a milder dose of the Energy suitable for treating young Children.

You will also learn about the following and much more:

* Sleep Paralysis and coping skills.

* Negative Energy Attacks and coping skills.

* Energy Shifts and how to integrate them and coping skills.

* Sleep Crystal Care.

* How to work with this Energy.

* Progressive Muscle Relaxation Meditation.

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