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Septarian Dragon Stone Empowerment


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Protection, Healing, Calming, Balancing, Grounding and Energy Energies. These are the focus of the Septarian Dragon Stone Empowerment. This attunement will encode and align your energy field to the properties of the Septarian Dragon Stone. Septarian often referred to as Dragon Stone because of its resemblance to Dragons Scales and its strong resonance and Earth Energy is an amazing grounding stone. Its energies are Calming and Centering, providing numerous healing properties for the trinity of Mind, Body & Spirit. Septarian can help bring forth feelings of Stability and Peace that flow into your life. It also has a very calming effect. Septarian is associated with the Root Chakra, the Chakra of Stability and Security. Septarian is said to bring energies to help you find Inner Peace and Purpose in your life. It can help Harmonise your Emotions and enhance your connection to your Higher Self, bringing you closer to understanding your true path, and providing Clarity and Clear Vision.

The uses of Septarian are many but they will also work to bring about the following blessings:

* Balance / Grounding / Strength & Change.

* Calming and Centering.

* Overall Healing of Mind, Body & Spirit.

* Transmutation of Negative Energies.

* Spiritual Protection.

* Connection to your True Path.

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