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Reiki Grand Master 21st & 22nd Degree Initations


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These symbols are not physically new. They are part of a set of symbols that move beyond traditional Reiki and work to enhance your healing practice with a focus on the Heart, Higher Heart and Throat Chakras by enhancing your practice with a focus on the heart, soul and emotional connection with the celestial hierarchy and galactic consciousness. These two amazing symbols came into my life several years ago and have given me new methods that I can use to channel Reiki to myself and my clients. They also work very well when combined with the vibrations of Angel LightCode Healing Reiki which was channelled at the same time as this new empowerment.

These two symbols are sometimes taught by teachers who have included them in the 2nd degree of Usui Reiki BUT to my knowledge, they were not given by Dr Usui when he rediscovered the healing art form of Reiki. Besides the traditional symbols that you will have already been attuned to through your existing Reiki training and the symbols within Reiki Grand Master 5-20 I wanted to bring these forth so you can discover for yourself how these two symbols can help you to channel a much higher vibrational frequency as well as reaching new levels of conscious awareness.

These two new symbols are:

Shika Sei Ki – {Heart Chakra Alignment – Heart and Higher Heart}

Shika So – {Throat Chakra Healing & Divine Communication}

The two symbols work perfectly together. One has the role of working with the Heart Chakra and also the Higher Heart while the 2nd works to clear and align the Throat Chakra. When combined with each other, they create and maintain a harmonious relationship with your inner self, higher self and the consciousness of everyone around you. So let’s explore these 2 symbols and learn what they can do for you. You will also discover how they can help you from a physical and spiritual standpoint.

Important Information

New Reiki Grand Master 21st & 22nd Degree Initiations Manual Information

​To clear up any confusion with regards to the new Reiki Grand Master 21 & 22 manual that I have re-channelled. If you have already been attuned you do not need a re-attunement. The energies have and always will be the same as they were when I first channelled them. No teacher offering this attunement should be charging their students to be re-attuned. If you have been asked to pay additional fees to be re-attuned, please can you let me know straight away?

Additional information





No. of Attunements



Reiki Grand Master 20th Degree




2020 {Re-Channelled 2022}


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