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Quantum Quattro & Melody Stone Empowerment


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The Quantum Quattro & Melody Healing Empowerment is a unique distant attunement that has been channeled to give you the energetic connections to an etheric Quantum Quattro and Melody Stone crystal that are energetically encoded into your auric field. During this energetic encoding, the crystal energies will help you to work on clearing emotional, mental and spiritual conditions that affect your daily life.

I will speak in great deal about the etheric Melody Stone within the manual as well as focus my attention on the Quantum Quattro crystal. Both of which will be energetically encoded into your auric foeld. These crystals are mainly used to force you to look deeply within your spiritual life so that you can find the reasons for why your spiritual body might be out of balance so you can then work towards a better understanding of the reasons why your etheric body might be out of balance which in turn will then help you to create a better alignment within your life. Through this approach to healing you will become more aware of the reasons that lead to the unbalanced energies in order for you to fully address these. This attunement can also be used when you are working on past life issues which involve grief and PTSD. The energies can support the grieving process enabling you to let go of the old energies either from this lifetime or a pervious lifetime so you can look forward to your future with optimism and hope. The attunement will help you with the act of balancing, aligning and healing of your chakras, etheric body, emotions, mind, body and spirit as well as bringing healing to mother earth. Because of this, the energies may be beneficial to your daily healing practices.

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