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Mystical Crow Energy Empowerment


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Crows know the mysteries of creation and the magick that exists all around us. The Crow energies encourage us to open up, trust our intuition, follow inner guidance and embrace the magick and secrets of life. Crow energy will gently guide you to re-connect with life mysteries, to be aware of energy shifts and to now take things at face value but to see things from a bigger perspective to go beyond the illusion. As a symbol of transformation, Crow energy can be very potent when we reach a turning point in our lives. Crow energy can be called on to help us through life changes, supporting us to use our inner guidance, and our inner wisdom to release fear of the unknown. Mystical Crow Energy can help us glide through transformations with ease and assurance. Mystical Crow energy encourages us to take a step back, to reflect and to question ourselves. Are we following our true path? Are we living our best life? Are we being our true selves? Crow energy supports us in finding ourselves, self-transformation and connecting to life’s magick and mysteries.

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