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Multi Level Prosperity Reiki Package


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The Multi Level Prosperity Series has been channeled to bring forth the energies from far and wide. These energies adjust, recalibrate and create within your vibrational energy a netword of inter-related energies full of limitless combinations and possibilities. The focus of this series of systems will be: Money, Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance. When combined they work to help you to change and widen your knowledge and perspective in these areas. Each system will connect and interact with others in the Multi-Level Prosperity Series. As of this writing, there are a total of 9 Attunements that make up the series. The Multi-Dimensional Money Attunement is the first system where you can then receive the remaining 8 levels in any order.

The energies of Multi-Dimensional Money lays the groundwork that all others will need to be built upon. If you wish to take the attunements in the order that they were channeled, you will recieve them in the following order:

1} Multi-Dimensional Money

2} World Money

3} Galactic Wealth

4} Universal Prosperity

5} Cosmic Abundance

6} Cosmic Exchange

7} Infinite Pathways

8} Divine Presence

9} Infinite Flow

The natural flow of the Multi-Level Prosperity energy systems are far reaching and they move across all dimensions. As with all things, you have the ability to flow, impeded or stop the action of the energy. In order to recieve the greatest benefits from this series you should work with that is brings and allow it to move as the divine guides.

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