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Light of the Soul Reiki


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Modern Life! It is a wonderful thing but at the same time, the Modern age brings many downfalls to our Personal and Spiritual life. Within our safe and secure Modern World we are mostly safe from the things that our Ancestors had to hide from or battle such as Man Eating Tigers but our Stress and Fears are now focused on the pressures of Modern Life. Work, Taxes, Bills, Responsibilities, Moving House, Loosing a Loved One, the list goes on. It is this Stress over Non-Life Threatening events that ironically can become Life-Threatening due to the adverse effects they have on our Health and Wellbeing. On a grander scale, Modern Stress contributes to rigid Worldviews and belief systems that lead to War, Strife, Famine and Suffering. In these times of War, Stress, Worry and Anxiety the Light of our Souls dim and we can become disconnected with our Spirits, Higher Self and God. The purpose of the Light of the Soul Reiki Attunement is to reconnect you with your true essence and your soul. By connecting with the Light of the Soul, you will reconnect with a feeling of Joy, Love, Compassion and Purpose. You will learn how to let go of the petty concerns that have been holding you back in life so you can once again embrace life with open arms and an open heart. 

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