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Karuna Kundalini


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Karuna Kundalini is a simple yet highly focused form of Energy Healing that has been desgined by combining the Energetic Frequencies of Karuna with those of Kundalini Reiki. Within this technique, Shareef has merged the two powers within 1 symbol to give the Calming connection of Karuna and the Intense Energy of Kundalini. The Symbol within Karuna Kundalini has been channeled to combine the many Symbols of Karuna so that you can receive a programmed Energy which can then be used during your Healing Sessions on yourself and others.

You will also learn about the following:

* How to Heal with Karuna Kundalini.

* Karuna Kundalini for DNA Clearing and Activation.

* Karuna Kundalini for Healing Past Trauma’s.

* Cleansing Places and Spaces.

* Karuna Kundalini Chakra Session.

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