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Karmic Essence Energy Functions


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The Karmic Essence Energy Functions are a set of powerful etheric essences that you can use to help open the inner doorways to take you straight to the heart of an issue while promoting a swift release of any unconscious belief pattern that is holding you back from fully progressing on your spiritual and life’s path. The etheric essences are very easy to use meaning that there is no prerequisite to working with these energies. The essences are linked to 7 personality groups that were identified by Dr Edward Bach who has been the foundation for many of my etheric flower attunements. Each essence will help to release the unconscious beliefs that underpin the surface personality issues of one of these groups. The three bridging essences can be used as additional support especially where you feel there is a need to clear away blockages in the heart chakra that might prevent full access to the underlying karmic patterns.

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