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Heart Wall Clearing Reiki


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This attunement has a fixed fee of $235 but the founder has given me permission to offer it for less through the Academy.

Within energy healing practices, the concept of the “Heart Wall” refers to a theoretical energy barrier or blockage that can form around the Heart Chakra. According to some energy workers, emotional traumas and negative experiences can create energetic imprints within the body that may contribute to the formation of this spiritual “wall”. Over time, this energetic blockage may become a hindrance to emotional and physical health. Others may develop a heart wall as a result of ongoing stress, anxiety, or negative self-talk. Negative emotions associated with emotional heartaches, such as sadness, grief, fear, and anger, may become trapped in the body’s energy system and also contribute to the formation of the heart wall. Over time, if left unresolved, these negative emotions may continue to build up and create imbalances in the body’s energy system, leading to physical or emotional symptoms. This is where Heart Wall Clearing Reiki comes into its own.

Heart Wall Clearing will help in many ways including the following:

* Increased emotional well-being.

* Improved self-esteem

* A greater connection with others.

* Improved Communication with the self and others

* Ability to create deeper connections with others

* Increased empathy and compassion

* Happy and abundance life

* Increased calmness and confidence

* more open to new possibilities

* Increased creativity

* Increased abundance in mind, body & spirit

* Remove self-sabotage patterns

* Improving relationships with friends, family and partners

* Removes barriers to connections of love

* Releases tension & trauma energy from the body’s tissues

* Frees you from unhealthy patterns that are not serving you

* Restores inner peace and increases resilience to stress

* Improves physical, mental & emotional health

* Increases energy levels

* Increases feelings of gratitude & joy

* Optimises your immune system for overall health

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