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Etheric Mushroom Flush Empowerment


The Etheric Mushroom Healing Attunement introduces you to the potent energies of etheric mushrooms, unlocking the healing potential of nature’s wisdom. Explore the colours and properties of mushrooms, receive encoded medicinal mushroom energies, and master the art of creating etheric mushroom elixirs

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Etheric Mushroom Healing Attunement: Harnessing Nature’s Wisdom for Healing

Unlock the Healing Power of Etheric Mushrooms

Embark on a unique journey of energy healing with the Etheric Mushroom Healing Attunement. Recently channeled and inspired by a deep connection with nature, this attunement allows you to work with the powerful energies of etheric mushrooms for profound healing purposes. Conceived in response to a member’s request at the Academy, this attunement explores the therapeutic potential of mushrooms in the etheric realm.

Introduction: A New Frontier in Energy Healing

Discover the untapped potential of working with etheric mushrooms for healing, guided by a divine message that urged the creation of this unique attunement. Just as other ethereal systems connect initiates to crystals, herbs, trees, flowers, and seashells, this attunement opens the door to a new way of harnessing energy for self-healing and healing others.


  1. Healing with Etheric Mushrooms: Delve into the fascinating world of etheric mushrooms and their potential for healing on various levels.

  2. Colour Varieties: Learn about the different colours of mushrooms and how each hue contributes to the healing session.

  3. Medicinal Mushroom Energies: Discover specific medicinal mushrooms encoded into your energy field during the attunement, ready to be utilized in healing and meditation.

  4. Mushroom Elixirs: Explore the art of creating potent etheric mushroom elixirs using the newly acquired energy and heartfelt intention.


  • Nature’s Wisdom: Tap into the profound wisdom of nature through etheric mushrooms for holistic healing.

  • Encoded Energies: Receive encoded energies of medicinal mushrooms for use in healing sessions and personal meditation.

  • Versatile Healing: Apply etheric mushroom energies to address various aspects of physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

  • Self-Healing Mastery: Learn techniques to awaken encoded mushrooms within, fostering self-healing mastery.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Manual: Gain insights into the colours of mushrooms, their healing properties, and practical techniques for using mushroom energies.

  2. Encoded Mushroom Energies: Undergo a distant attunement to receive and activate encoded energies of medicinal mushrooms.

  3. Healing Applications: Explore diverse applications, from one-on-one healing sessions to personal meditation and energy elixir creation.

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