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Crystal Kundalini Reiki


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Crystal Kundalini Reiki is suitable for everyone because we all have Kundalini Energy energy within us. If you are already a Kundalini Reiki Master this energy will help further strengthen, enhance and expand your kundalini power, helping to clear any blockages and intensify the energies. If you are not a Kundalini Reiki Master, Crystal Kundalini will gently help the kundalini energy already present in your body to flow along its original pathways, supporting and clearing.

The energy of each crystal works with the present Kundalini Energy to support, enhance and expand the Kundalini at whatever stage your current Kundalini is.

Crystal Kundalini can help in many areas especially in the following;

* Clearing – Crystal Kundalini can help clear the chakras assisting the flow of kundalini energy to rise up.

* Support – Crystal Kundalini supports the vibrational frequency of each chakra, helping reset it in perfect alignment.

* Enhancing and Expanding – When your Kundalini energy is able to flow freely, without restrictions and is supported at a vibrational level the energy itself is enhanced, it feels more powerful, more vibrant.

During your attunement you will also be attuned to the following Etheric Crystals which are energetically encoded into your Auric Field:

* Haematite

* Carnelian

* Tigers Eye

* Rose Quartz

* Sodalite

* Amethyst

* Clear Quartz

These crystals are etherically placed into the corresponding chakras during the attunement. Crystal Kundalini works to bring in new vitality and etheric crystal energies into the chakras working in harmony with the existing kundalini energy, raising the vibration and flow of your kundalini energy.

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