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Cross Reiki Concept


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Cross Reiki Conept is a modality of Vibratory Energy that is on teh Higher Bandwidth when it comes to Healing Energies. Cross Reiki Concept works to open and strengthen your Energy Channels, Repair, Harmonise and Facilitate your Senses to your Kundalinni, Chakras, Tree of Life and Elementals. Cross Reiki also works to help release Spiritual Blockages that prevent you from connecting with these Higher Vibrational Enerigies. Cross Reiki Concept has 4 symbols that are encoded into your Energy Field so you can tap into their Vibrations while channeling the energies to yourself or others.

The symbols are:

* Antenna Activation Reiki – This Symbol will call the Higher Vibrational Frequencies while regulating and repairing the connections between the 2 Hemispheres of the Brain.

* The Cross Reiki – Calling forth the Elementals.

* Sei-Ki {Balancing Brain} – Balance and Eliminate all forms of Duality and all forms of Blockages at all Levels of Awareness.

* C.K.R {Energy Center Fractal Tree Of Life} – Creating a Vortex of Energy for the Cho Ku Rei Symbol.

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