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Christ Consciousness Christ Healing


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In the 80’s Lord Sananda, Jesus came to SolKarina several times where she was given the energies of Love and Light to help her through an episide of difficulty that she was experiening in her life. In the early 90’s SolKarina started to channel these energies and asked Jesus about her life purpose. SolKarina, felt Jesus taking her hand where she travelled out into the Universe so she could see Earth at a distance. At this time, she was given the message that the purpose of life is not only her life, it is the life of all living beings on Earth. She was told that we need to support each other to grow within our Spiritual lives. It is not only one person who is supposed to be Enlightened but the whole Earth must do this together. We must help each other so that when all people have their minds focused on the light, we will start to see the emergence of the Christ Light within our lives.

I personally believe that this message is needed now more than ever and especially within the Spiritual Community where you have people attacking each other, stabbling each other in the back with lies and grudges. The Ego mind has taken over many so called spiritual teachers who hide behind a mask of light so others do not see the darkness that has enveloped their lives. We must embrace the Light of Christ so that we can once again learn that we are all here to help each other and to guide one another on our Spiritual Paths.

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