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Chandra Aura Reiki


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Every creature on Earth has its very own Energetic Signature which is also known as its Auric Field. The Aura has varying levels of coloured Energy and Sacred Rays. Aura’s reflect the Personality and Character of the Individual which can be seen or felt by those who are Sensitive to Energies. Research into to the Human Aura began the 1930’s when S. Kirlian, a Professor from Russia invented a Photographic Machine to see the Energy Field. This technology is known as Kirlian Photography. In the 1928’s, researchers invented a new Technology called Auric Photography through using Biofeedback Sensors that were placed into both Arms and sent to a camera to br printed in a Polaroid Photo. From this Technology, we can see our Aura printed into the Photo. Chandra simply means Moon! This gentle Energy is associated with the beauty of the Moon which can be used to Cleanse and Strengthen the Auric Field. The Power of the Moon has been likened to a Flower. The Mystical Power of the Moon is combined into a powerful Reiki system of Healing which is used to cleanse, Open and Strengthen the Auric Field which in turn will flow through the Etheric Background to heal illness within the Physical Body.

Chandra Aura Reiki can be used for the following and much more:

* Clearing Impurities and Negativity from the Auric Field.

* Clearing Blockages from the Auric Field.

* Increasing one’s Self Confidence.

* Calming the Heart Chakra of Emotional Energies.

* Increase Inner Perceptions of Beauty and Physical Appearance.

* Increasing Personal Power and Charisma.

* Attracting Abundance and Prosperity.

* Working to attrack a Soul Mate into your life.

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