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Blue Lotus Energy Healing System


Embark on a journey of spiritual victory and transformation with Blue Lotus Healing. Whether you’re seeking personal growth or aiming to assist others on their healing paths, this energy system is a valuable addition to your spiritual toolkit.

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Welcome to the transformative world of Blue Lotus Healing, a distant attunement that has been a profound part of my spiritual journey for over a decade. After years of personal exploration, I am excited to share this powerful energy system with you through our Academy.

Ancient Wisdom Unveiled: Blue Lotus Healing carries the echoes of ancient civilizations, influencing cultures from China, Japan, and India to Buddhists, Greeks, and beyond. Its roots delve into the collective wisdom of humankind, offering a connection to the expansive realms of the Higher Self and the Divine Mind.

Spiritual Liberation and Growth: This attunement acts as a gentle guide, allowing the spirit to gracefully exit the confines of the body. By doing so, it propels the individual toward their highest potential within the spiritual realms. Blue Lotus is not merely an energy system; it is a symbol of triumph, representing the victory of spirit over the senses, intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge.

Advanced Vibrations for Profound Healing: Blue Lotus resonates with some of the most advanced vibrations I’ve encountered. Its energy is both subtle and potent, offering a unique and transformative experience. The included symbols and user-friendly manual enhance the accessibility of this system, making it a valuable tool for both self-healing and assisting others.

Key Features:

  • Ancient wisdom from diverse cultures
  • Connection to the Higher Self and Divine Mind
  • Gentle guidance for spiritual growth
  • Symbol of victory over the senses and wisdom
  • Advanced and transformative vibrations
  • User-friendly manual with two symbols

Blue Lotus Healing facilitates spiritual expansion by delicately separating the spirit from the body, allowing it to reach higher potentials. The energies, conveyed through symbols, can be harnessed for self-healing or combined with other Reiki systems for holistic healing practices.

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