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Amaterasu Reiki


Amaterasu Reiki emerges as a powerful and sacred practice that invites practitioners to bask in the divine light of Shinto healing. By aligning with the luminous energy of Amaterasu, individuals embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth. The symbols, meditations, and insights provided in the manual serve as valuable tools for those seeking to integrate the essence of Amaterasu into their healing journey, creating a harmonious connection with the celestial forces that illuminate the path of the Great Shining Light.


Amaterasu, the radiant ruler of the Kami in Shinto tradition, is the focal point of Amaterasu Reiki—a sacred healing practice that taps into the luminous essence of the Great Shining Light. This system aligns practitioners with the divine forces inherent in nature, guiding them on a journey of illumination, healing, and connection to the cosmic energies that permeate Heaven and Earth.

Key Elements of Amaterasu Reiki:

  1. Divine Illumination: Amaterasu is revered as the Great Shining Light, symbolizing the divine illumination that transcends the boundaries between the celestial and earthly realms. Practitioners of Amaterasu Reiki attune themselves to this radiant energy, allowing it to flow through them and into the healing space.

  2. Practice and Meditation: The manual accompanying Amaterasu Reiki provides comprehensive guidance on the practice of this sacred healing art. It introduces practitioners to the essence of Amaterasu, delving into the mythology and significance of this Shinto deity. Additionally, the meditation on Twin Hearts is incorporated into the practice, working on the crown and heart chakras to fill practitioners with divine light, love, and power.

  3. Amaterasu Symbols: Central to Amaterasu Reiki are the symbols that serve as conduits for the divine energy of Amaterasu. The manual includes detailed descriptions and illustrations of these symbols, empowering practitioners to integrate them into their healing work. These symbols act as keys to unlock the flow of healing energy and connect with the essence of Amaterasu.

  4. Goddess of Beauty Aspect: Amaterasu is not only the Great Shining Light but also the Goddess of Beauty. The manual offers insights into Amaterasu’s aspect as a symbol of beauty, providing images and descriptions to deepen practitioners’ understanding of the multifaceted nature of this revered deity.

  5. Meditations and Shaktis: Complementing the core practice, the manual includes meditations and Shaktis to enhance the practitioner’s experience with Amaterasu Reiki. These additional tools contribute to the holistic approach of the system, fostering a deeper connection with the healing energies and promoting personal growth.

Practical Application:

Practitioners of Amaterasu Reiki can apply this healing system in various contexts, including self-healing, distance healing, and healing sessions for others. The divine light channeled through Amaterasu becomes a transformative force, addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of well-being.

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