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Zhong Khui Reiki


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Traditionally regarded as a vanquisher of Ghosts and Evil Spirits, it was believd that Zhong Khui was able to command 80,000 Demons. The image of Zhong Khui is often painted on House Gates as a Guardian Spirit as well as in placed of Business where High Value Goods are stored. Within Chinese Folklore, Zhong Khui is a Deity who can drive away Ghosts and Evil Beings simply by invoking his name or utalising his image. Based on Chinese lunar calendar, the month of May also means that Midsummer is just around the corner. The warmer weather would bring about various Diseases which can spread rampantly, therefore Ancient Chinese beliefs would hang a picture of Zhong Khui on their gates to drive all Evil from their Homes.

Zhong Khui Reiki will help you with the following plus much more:

* Protection from Ghost and Evil Spirits

* Avoiding Calamity

* Bringing on Good Fortune and Prosperity into your life

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