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Yin & Yang Balance Reiki – Increased Intuition & Reduce Stress & Anxiety


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Yin and Yang Balance were channelled to help bring balancing energies into your life while also promoting harmony, peace and interconnectivity. The energies of this system come to us from Sacred Source and help to align the energies of your being, balancing them, balancing the life force and chi within you to bring forward a state of equilibrium within the trinity of mind, body & spirit. Yin and Yang Balance represent the perfect balance of energy within the body. When you have a balance of the Yin and Yang, you will feel an overall sense of increased harmony, alignment and wholeness. If you experience an imbalance of either Yin or Yang, it can manifest as physical, emotional or spiritual imbalances as well as making you feel physically ill, emotionally unstable and disconnected from the Source.

Yin and Yang Balance can help with the following plus much more:

* Experience increased inner peace

* Reducing stress and anxiety

* Promoting feelings of wellness and wholeness

* Increase cognitive processes

* Becoming one with your intuition

* Continuity

* Accepting your life path

* Increased wellbeing on all levels

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