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Written Intention Reversal


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The energies of Written Intention Reversal have been created to help you to achieve your Goals both at a Personal and Professional Level. This is achieved by reasing Old Intentions that you have created within your life. Anytime you write something with a strong feeling, you are setting forth an instruction to the Universe. When your intention and goals change, it is important to reverse or erase your previous intention. Words are very powerful and the written word is especially powerful due to the written words holding strong intentions and intructions for the universe to follow on your behalf. Written Intention Reversal utalises the energies from Eternal Sacred Source which is similar to Reiki. It has been channeled into this reality to assist you in reclaming pockets of your energy which have been left in the past. Simply changing your mind, and praying for, or intending for something different that the previous written intention does not release your energy. You must consciously call back your energy, reversing the previous written intention in order to release the previous intention that is different or contrary to your current one.

Written Intention Reversal can help with the following and much more:

* Letters to Lovers you are no longer with.

* Diary entries where you talk about another person.

* Diary entries where you share your desires for another person.

* Diary entries of anger toward a person.

* Diary entries of dedicating yourself to a person.

* Written marriage vows if you are now divorced.

* Previous marriage vows if you are re-marrying.

* Computer blogs that hold intentions and goals you dont want anymore.

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