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Whispers Energy Empowerment


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Whispers Energy Empowerment is a system that has been desgined to give you the Spiritual Tools that you can then use to help unlock your Psychic Abilities. This is not a quick fix which will instantly make your Psychic for this can take many years of Practice and Personal Development but by using the energy on a regular basis it will help you to open up your Psychic and Intuitive Abilities. It can be used during Meditation to begin with, then when you start to sense your abilities developing you can use it as a stand alone system through simple intention to activate and expand your Psychic Energies. It will help you to develop your Clairaudient Gifts as well as Clearing and Aligning your Throat Chakra, since this is the Chakra which is most closely connected with Clairaudience.  Within the Whispers Energy Empowerment manual you will be given the infomration on this form of energy work, the Whispers Energy Symbol and information about how to pass on the attunement to others so that they can then go forward to use the energy themselves to help with their own Spiritual and Psychic Development. 

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