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Vortex Light Shakti 1-3 Package


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Vortex Light Shakti is a beautiful system of energy work that has been channeled to enhance your Senses and feelings of Security that help you to establish Personal Boundaries. It promotes a more realxed attitude to life while Balancing Mood Swings and making you more aware of your Emotions and sense of Inner Peace. It is also a protector from Negative Energies. The energies of Vortex Light Shakti is an excellent tool for Meditation, enabling you to both access and retrieve Ancient Wisdom and Information about Past Lives. The Vortex Light Shakti is full of Compressed Shakti Energies and is channeled to be intensely active so it can energise your energy system. As a Healing Energy, Vortex Light Shakti is effective at healing Physical, Mental and Emotional Diseases. Lastly, Vortex Light Shakti works to help with the movement of Kundalini into and through the Heart Chakra. It brings a calming Peace wheer it resides and promotes Love and Security within ones life.

Vortex Light Shakti consists of 3 separate Levels/Degrees:

1st Level/Degree

* Vortex Light.

* The 7 Chakra Empowerment.

* Palm Chakra Empowerment.

* Earth Nature Empowerment.

* Sun Moon Vortex Lights.

* Diamond Vortex Light Shield Activation.

2nd Level/Degree

* Vortex Light Shakti.

* Vortex Light Shakti Meridian Healing.

* Trisula Light Shakti.

* Heart Chakra Empowerment.

* Vortex Light Shakti Shield

* Activation of Kundalini Shakti.

3rd Level/Degree

* 7 Subtle Bodies Cleansing Empowerment.

* Vortex Light Shakti Shield II.

* Activation of Kundalini Shakti II.

* Fourth Dimensional Chakra Attunement.

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