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Victim Mentality Healing Reiki


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Do you constantly feel as though you have absolutely no control over situations or that other people are out to get you? Do you feel as though bad things keep happening to you, no matter what you do? If you find yourself blaming other people for events or situations in your life, or you blame situations on spiritual attacks then you might be struggling with what is known as a ‘Victim Mentality. This is not to say that a spiritual attack might be the reason for you feeling this way but after 21 years of teaching, I have discovered that 95% of the time, the situations have been caused by the ‘Victim Mentality.

People who have a Victim Mentality feel as though bad things keep happening to them and the world is against them. You might feel as though everyone is against you, be it your partner, co-workers, family, friends or even God. Even though there might be things that you can do to help fix the situation, you do not take the responsibility for anything and feel as though everything is out of your control. In addition, you might take things personally even when they are not directed at you. You might think thoughts like “what did I do to deserve this?”. You might also feel resentful a lot of the time. Most likely you have gone through a bad time in your life or you have experienced a traumatic situation but you had no coping strategy at the time and therefore you have developed this negative viewpoint or victim mindset. This led you to believe that life just happens to you and that you have no responsibility for what happens in your life. Even when people come along and try to offer you solutions, guidance, healing etc, you will most probably come up with a list of reasons why those solutions won’t work and leave those who offer help feeling frustrated or not understanding what went wrong. You might even question why you continue to behave in this way. The truth is that there are probably some secondary benefits of refusing to change your victim mindset. You might be gaining sympathy or attention for your distress from what happened to you. You might feel relieved that others are offering you help or validation. You also probably don’t ever want to feel vulnerable again, so it’s easier not to take risks. This attunement has been designed to help you to release the Victim Mentality mindset while teaching you the signs and symptoms of this mindset and how you can learn to eliminate some negative thought patterns.

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