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Vanilla Orchid Essence


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The Vanilla Orchid Essece has been designed to help stimulate your Etheric and Physical Senses to enhance Memory, Healing and Creativity. This is a very simple Attunement that can be used anywhere and at any time to not only use in your Physical Healing Sessions but can also be used to enhance the properties of Physical Vanilla. I have used the energies a few times when baking Cakes by placing my hands around the mixing bowl, channeling the Energies of the Vanilla Orchid Essence into the mixture. When the cake was eaten by myself and my partner, we both found that the flavour of Vanilla has increased compared to previous Cakes that I had made. As I always teach students at the Academy, you must always use the energies you receive in ways that are not mentioned in the manual. This is the best way to utalise the Energies you receive as well as learning how they will work for you.

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