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Usui Teate Reiki 3rd Degree – (Shinpiden)


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The Shinpiden course concentrates on three main areas: the use of Reiju empowerments, the use of kotodama at the Master level, and ways of empowering yourself. As this is an integrated course, you will learn the Western-style attunement methods in addition to the original Japanese Reiju empowerments. Reiju was the means by which Usui connected his students to Reiki, and by repeating them at regular intervals, both spiritual development and sensitivity to the energy can be enhanced and the intuition strengthened. The use of kotodama (sacred sounds) in healing and attuning will also be explored – these are wonderful Shinto mantras, which predate the use of the Reiki symbols. You will experience a considerable increase in the flow of healing energy at this level, as the Master empowerments and attunements fully open your energy system to Reiki, and this will also increase the effectiveness of your treatments. This course includes many additional techniques, which will enable you to treat others more effectively and you will receive in-depth instructions for passing the Reiki ability to others.

The following is a partial list of subjects covered at this level:

* Detailed History and Background of Reiki

* Overview of Usui’s System.

* Energy Exercises.

* The Role of Mindfulness in Usui’s System

* The Reiki Kotodama.

* Working with Intuition.

* Usui’s Crystal Healing Method.

* ‘Gakkai’ Reiki Techniques.

* Reiju Empowerments.

* Lotus Repentance Meditation.

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