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True Voice Reiki


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True Voice Reiki is a system of Energy Healing that has been designed to focus its energies on the Throat Chakra enabling you to Embrace your True, Authentic Self so that you can more freely communicate with others using your True Voice. Many people struggle to be their Authentic Self through Fear, Rejection or a Fear of Change. For many it is just simply too hard to Speak from their Heart. True Voice Reiki can help Empower you to embrace your True Self, to speak with your true Voice, to be open and Honest, to Communicate your Ideas and express your Creativity with Love and Integrity. When your thoughts and words come from a place of Unconditional Love you free yourself of all Fear.

True Voice Reiki works with the Throat Chakra, which is the Chakra associated with Communication. This means that the True Voice Reiki Attunement will help you to express yourself but also help you to listen deeply so that you can understand others when they communicate with you! The energies of True Voice Reiki come directly from Source and are Non-Judgemental, allowing Open and Free Communication for all.

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