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Tooth Care


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Tooth Care is a Comprehensive Energy System which has been designed for the Care all of parts of your Teeth and Gums. The Eternal Beings who have brought forth Tooth Care and who actually perform the Healing work that you request when you activate one of the many Functions are known as the CARE Team. The CARE Teams consist of Eternal Beings who have many different Health and Medical Specialities. They are skilled in bringing exactly the right type of Spiritual Energy through to you at the right time. This means that you will have Beings of Love, Light and Life attend to you when you call in your Tooth Care Session.

You will also learn about the following Tooth Care Functions:

* Tooth Care Shakti.

* Optimal Bone Density Field.

* Ideal Calcium Concentration.

* Betonite Sealant.

* Infection Inhibitor Field.

* Enamel Protector.

* Gum Health.

* Tooth Root Repair Shakti.

* Ethereal Hydrocodone.

Tooth Care works very well when combined with the energies of Dental Chakra. For more information about Dental Shakti please CLICK HERE.

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