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Thought Progression Adjustment Shakti


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Thought Progression Adjustment Shakti has been channelled to help your mind overcome previous thought patterns. that may be disturbing to you. Many of us will experience intrusive thoughts but when these thoughts become intrusive and seem to manifest over and over again with no gaps between them, this can become a problem. This is again, similar to a condition called OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which manifests with intrusive and often unwanted thoughts. How many of you have often found yourself worrying about the worst-case happening rather than an uplifting outcome? I know I have. Some people’s minds will work to show them the next thing to do in life but these are not always the best things to do, but they might feel urgent to the person. For example, you might see the next place to hang laundry on the line. That won’t hurt anything, but what if you feel drawn to cross the road, right now, despite a car approaching? Some people feel an urgent need to follow the directions of their thoughts with physical immediate action. Other people feel glued to where they are in their lives due to worry or fear of the future the progression of thoughts show them. Well, you can break free from these if you work at it with this attunement. I also recommend the Bizarre Beliefs Bouncer and OCD Clearing Flush Empowerment to help with this. 

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