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The Violet Flame of Transmutation


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The energies of the Violet Flame are here to help Heal, Purify, Cleanse and Transmute all Negativity into Divine Love and Light. The Violet Flame is by no means a new energy and there have been several attunements that have been channelled over the years which connect you to the Violet Flame but as with all energies, new information comes forward and a new band of Energy that is associated with the vibrations are given. The Violet Flame is an Intense Spiritual Energy that works deeply on all levels of the Body to bring Transformation and Clearing in a fast manner. It also works on Healing and Aligning the trinity of Mind, Body & Spirit to eradicate Conscious and Unconscious Fears, Blockages, Anger, Insecurity, Guilt, Hate, Regret and so much more. It will transmute Negative energies to help release you from past pain and emotional wounds. It can also help bring to the forefront things that we have not confronted, that are causing dis-ease and imbalance. It can help to purify, transmute and empower us. It can help transmute and purify negative karma and free us of blockages.

The Violet Flame of Transmutation can be used to help with the following and so much more:

* Remove All Negativity

* Heal Mind, Body & Spirit

* Heal Society & Glocal Conflict

* Heal Situations

* Help to Overcome Obstacles

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