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The Unconditional Trust Empowerment


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The Unconditional Trust Empowerment has been given to us from the Divine Sacred Energies of Spirit. The Energies of this Empowerment have been designed to align you with the Divine Source, Mind, Body, Spirit and Heart as well as helping to remove any Blockages to Divine Trust in your Physical and Spiritual Life. As a result of receiving these Empowerments you will learn to once again trust in the Divine Source so that you do not expereince any seperation in any area of your life from Health, Relationships or Finances. Through working with the Energies you will also fully align yourself with the Divine Source so that you can progress on your Spiritual and Life’s Path.

The Unconditional Trust Empowerment will help you with the following and much more:

* Inner Peace, Freedom, Contentment, Happiness, Health and Wholeness.

* Inner Courage, Confidence, Self Forgiveness, Self Acceptance, Seld Love.

* Freedom from Seperation.

* The ability to Embody the Divine Source in Mind, Body, Soul and Heart.

* Accelerated Spiritual Development.

* Removal of Negative Memories, Vows, Spiritual and Karmic Blocks, Curses etc.

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