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The Trinity of Blessings


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The Trinity of Blessings is a sacred and very special distant attunement that was given to Theresa Helton through her channeling work with Archangel Michael. This attunement has been designed to help you align with the energy of Divine Love which also brings the energy of Peace and Joy into your life. This higher vibrational energy will help you to transform your life as you allow the energy of Archangel Michael to flow through you. In doing this you will become more in tune with who you really are, allowing yourself to become one with your True Self! This vibration and frequency of Love, Peace and Joy exists within the highest part of your being and as you begin to work with this energy, you become more in alignment with who YOU TRULY ARE~ A Being of Infinite Wisdom, Possibility and Creativity. When you work with the highest part of your Spiritual Self, which is your Highest Consciousness, you begin to attract miracles and blessings in your life and your life is transformed!

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