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The Seven Pearls of Reiki


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The Seven Pearls of Reiki is aimed to all Usui Reiki Masters and helps to improve the quality of care during a treatment. Its main goal is to raise the vibrational level of the Initiated but also to raise the mental and spiritual qualities of the Master Practitioner in order to perfect their commitment towards the Divine Plane. This transmission brings us back to our forgotten very ancient sources of knowledge dating back to Atlantis and Lemuria. It permits us to reconnect to our hidden memories where we already transmitted, the Love Energy of our Diamond Heart it also teaches you how to fill your spiritual body with the energy of the seven Ascended Masters, while developing your abilities of channeling as well as your healing power.

When receiving this wonderful sacred teaching, transmitted by the Ascended Masters, you will need to show great humility and wisdom in order to be worthy. During the attunement, your Vibrational Frequency is raised to bring you to a Higher Level of Conscious Awareness in order to fill your Spiritual Body with the Energies of Compassion, Patience, Forgiveness and most of all the Understanding of Others. The learning of the Seven Pearls of Reiki is an incredible gift offered by the 7 Ascended Masters to aid Humanity in its Path towards Enlightenment and Ascension.

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