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The Selenite Crystal Empowerment


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The Selenite Crystal Empowerment has been designed to place an Etheric Crystal into your Auric Field in order to help you connect to the beautiful and powerful energies of the Selenite Crystal. Selenite, is one of the most useful and powerful crystals that you can work with. It has the ability to remove Negative Energies from your Energy Body while forcing Positive Energies back into your body. It is a wonderful Crystal for Cleansing, Protection and working with the Crown Chakra. Selenite has been used for many years for Spiritual and Metaphysical purposes while also be revered as a great Assister in Meditation, Psychic/Intuitive Development, Astral Projection, Connection with Spirit Guides, Angels and the Ascended Masters.

The Etheric Selenite Crystal can help you with the following and much more:

* Clearing the Mind.

* Promoting a sense of Calmness.

* Clearing the Auric Field.

* Connection with the Higher Self, Spiritual Guides & Angelic Realms.

* Awakening Psychic and Intuitive Abilities.

* Protecting the Home.

* Removing Confusion to bring Clarity.

* Enhancing Calmness and Spiritual Balance.

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