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The Rejection Flush Empowerment


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The Rejection Flush Empowerment is a very easy to use system that has been designed to help you with overcoming the Energetic Vibrations of Personal and Spiritual Rejection thus allowing you to heal from the after effects that Rejection can have on the Mind, Body and Spirit. The Comforting Energies of this Flush Empowerment will wash away all forms of False Truths that tell you that you are Unloved or even Unlovable. Using the Rejection Flush will re-connect you to the Divine Source where you will see that you are fully accepted by the Divine Consciousness. The Rejection Flush Empowerment will also help to Empower you to walk through the Energies of Rejection and Disappointment with the Knowledge that the Divine Acceptance and Love works for you and that the aspect of Divine Grace and Comfort are yours and you can rest within the Divine for all things, including Unconditional Acceptance. 

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