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The Rainbow Butterfly Attunement


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The Butterfly is one of the most inspiring symbols within the Natural World. Not only does the Butterfly represent Rebirth and Transformation but the Butterfly is also symboic of the presence of loves ones who have crossed over. Rainbow Butterfly has been channeled to be used as a valuable tool for Self-Transformation while you work on the Subconscious and Conscious faculties of the Spiritual Trinity of Mind, Body and Spirit. The varying levels of the subconscious mind control and mediate different aspects of the body. The Rainbow Butterfly allows you to facilitate new Ideas, Awareness and Communication while also helping you to focus your attention and not to dissipate your energies by constantly flitting from one thing to another. I have found this energy really beneficial for my own life due to being a true Gemini where I will be dipping my hands into many pots and not settling down to focus on one thing at a time. 

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