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The Psychic Protection Package


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One of the most important aspects of developing your psychic gifts is understanding spiritual attacks, entity attachment and possession. This is not said to scare you in any way BUT I find that there are many websites where someone will teach you how to develop your psychic gifts but they never talk about protection and how to look after yourself when you awaken your gifts. A simple analogy to use when you work to expand your psychic abilities is that of a bright lightbulb. As your gifts expand and you awaken to the world of spirit, your inner light will shine brighter. While we work with the spirits of positivity and light, we must realise that there are also lower astral beings who will try to take advantage of our expansion and the development of our spiritual gifts. In the same way that the moth is drawn to the light, lower astral beings are drawn to you when your inner light shines brighter BUT through protection and learning how to prevent these negative energies from invading your personal space, you will be better prepared to fight back and to remove any and all lower astral energies before they are able to invade your personal space. 

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Reiki 1st Degree




2000 onwards


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