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The Power of Tulsi


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This attunement has a fixed fee of $55 but the founder has given me permission to offer it for less through the Academy.

Tulsi is believed to be sacred to the goddess Lakshmi, and in India, it is regarded as “The Queen of Herbs.” Tulsi means “the incomparable one” or “matchless” in Sanskrit and is used in religious ceremonies to help souls make their way home to heaven. Tulsi {Ocimum sanctum} is native to India and has been used in Ayurvedic Medicine for at least 5,000 years. In the Ayurvedic tradition, Holy Basil is referred to as a herb that “nourishes a person’s growth to perfect health and helps promote long life.” In the Hindu tradition, every part of the Tulsi plant is considered sacred. Most households in India have a Tulsi plant, typically placed in the centre of a courtyard of the home. The Tulsi plant serves a spiritual purpose as well as functional. The Tulsi plant is the focus of various rituals throughout the day while also serving as a natural insect repellant in the home. It’s also believed to bring good luck when planted in or near the home. According to a legend, a single Tulsi leaf offered to Krishna with love and devotion weighs more than the amount of gold in this whole cosmos. Modern research has classified Tulsi – Holy Basil as an adaptogenic herb. This means Tulsi is literally on a mission to bring the body to homeostasis, or balance. Adaptogens have been shown to support the body’s healthy reactions to stress. The energies of this system help the body adapt to environmental, physical, and emotional stress, support normal functions, and restore balance.

Other benefits of this system are:

* Immunity Booster: The energy of this system is very helpful in boosting your immunity and protecting you from common bacterial viral or fungal infections.

* Improves Respiratory Health: Tulsi is very helpful in reducing the common cold and congestion in the chest. The energy of this system will aid in improving the overall health of the respiratory system.

* Reduces Stress: The energy of this system will help in balancing the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine in the brain. This will help in reducing stress and will have a calming effect.

* Anti-Cancer Properties: The energy of this system has strong anti-oxidant properties that may help in protecting us from skin, liver, oral, and lung cancers.

* Healthy Heart: The energy of this system will help in reducing stress and blood pressure. I may also help with preventing cardiovascular diseases and strokes.

* Helpful in Kidney Stones & Arthritis: This system may decrease the level of uric acid in the body. Higher uric acid levels are one of the reasons for kidney stones and Arthritis.

* Weight loss: The energy of this may boost the digestive system and metabolism and thus may assist with natural weight loss.

Further benefits of using this system are:

* Stress Relief.

* Immune Support.

* Detoxification.

* Harmonization.

* Greater clarity and awareness

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